Why Do Long-Distance Relationships Fail So Often?

why do long-distance relationship fail so often

A long-distance relationship is a romantic relationship where it is difficult to be physically close and spend time with your partner.

failing of relationship

Long-distance relationships are more complicated than those in close proximity.

They require much more effort and dedication and often require an incredible amount of commitment, communication, and sacrifice.

Relationships are easy to create and hard to maintain.

I personally think that distance is not an obstacle in your relationship, in fact, your ego, attitude, and behavioral changes create a communication gap.

this is the budding stage, where you often build up disagreements with each other, and ultimately due to distance constraints you don’t spend desirable time together which brings your relationship on a rough patch.

Main reasons why long-distance relationships fail:

Lack of communication

Lack of communication leads to assumptions, misunderstandings and conflicts. It is one of the main reasons long-distance relationships fail.

Sometimes we are afraid of getting clear because clarity means facing the truth.

But rather than avoiding tough conversations you should try to discuss the problem and resolve it before it leads to a more significant issue.

Lack of physical intimacy

lack of communication with your partner

Lack of physical intimacy makes it hard to make your long-distance relationship work. In a relationship, the hardest thing is to be away from your partner.

How to Fix Problems With Physical Intimacy

  • Visit each other more frequently
  • Make trips together
  • Plan fun holidays

Catching up virtually can be frustrating

problem in long-distance relationship

This is one of the most common long-distance relationship problems.

These sorts of “dry phases” are usual in long-distance relationships, it makes the relationship a little frustrating.

Try to sit in silence with your partner, scroll through your memes feed, cook food on video calls & share pics, and play video games together.

breaking -up from a relationship is quite disheartening from both partners’ end if you are loyal and have genuine feelings then you should cross-check again what is it that is bothering your partner or you.

Try to resolve conflicts then and there only, don’t pile them inside you, vent them out.

Do things by which you both feel comforted and happy.